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Simply living is not enough. 

One must have the freedom to roam, explore and discover the bounties of nature. Inspired by thrill seekers and travel enthusiasts, Wild Angle is an apparel brand that caters to men, women and young adults who crave balance between the fast pace of contemporary living and the peaceful serenity of the natural world.

To thrive you’ve got to find the places that make you feel most alive.

Featuring designs that heed the call of the wild, our store is where adventurous travelers come to embark on their own journeys of self discovery.

Be bold. Be brave. Be fearless. This is our mantra.

Founded by two avid travelers who have done their fair share of adventuring, Wild Angle showcases a variety of apparel designs that encourage the explorer in you.

Prepare to reconnect with wilderness in clothing that represents your deep-rooted wanderlust. Shop Wild Angle clothing collections to stock up on symbolic but stylishly wearable fashions.

Think of us as your what to wear travel guides. No matter where your travels take you, our clothing is bound to reflect your desire to delve deeper into the true meaning of life. Join us as we bid farewell to the mundanes of modern society and the confines of conformity.

Hear the voice that’s inside you

Crying for freedom and screaming for more

Remember, its not fear

Explore the horizon and breathe free when you find it

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